how to use FT_CreateDeviceInfoList?

Supported Operating Systems of FT_CreateDeviceInfoList

Mac OS X (10.4 and later)
Windows (2000 and later)
Windows CE (4.2 and later)

Summary of  FT_CreateDeviceInfoList

This function builds a device information list and returns the number of D2XX devices connected to the
system. The list contains information about both unopen and open devices.

Definition of FT_CreateDeviceInfoList

FT_STATUS FT_CreateDeviceInfoList (LPDWORD lpdwNumDevs)

Parameters of  FT_CreateDeviceInfoList

lpdwNumDevs      Pointer to unsigned long to store the number of devices

Return Value of  FT_CreateDeviceInfoList

FT_OK if successful, otherwise the return value is an FT error code.

Remarks  about FT_CreateDeviceInfoList

An application can use this function to get the number of devices attached to the system. It can then
allocate space for the device information list and retrieve the list using FT_GetDeviceInfoList or
If the devices connected to the system change, the device info list will not be updated until
FT_CreateDeviceInfoList is called again.

Example of  FT_CreateDeviceInfoList

FT_STATUS ftStatus;
DWORD numDevs;
// create the device information list
ftStatus = FT_CreateDeviceInfoList(&numDevs);
if (ftStatus == FT_OK) {
printf(“Number of devices is %d\n”,numDevs);
else {
// FT_CreateDeviceInfoList failed

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