how to use the function FT_SetDivisor?

Supported Operating Systems by FT_SetDivisor

Mac OS X (10.4 and later)
Windows (2000 and later)
Windows CE (4.2 and later)

Summary of FT_SetDivisor

This function sets the baud rate for the device. It is used to set non-standard baud rates.

Definition of FT_SetDivisor

FT_STATUS FT_SetDivisor (FT_HANDLE ftHandle, USHORT usDivisor)

Parameters of FT_SetDivisor

ftHandle      Handle of the device.
usDivisor      Divisor.

Return Value of FT_SetDivisor

FT_OK if successful, otherwise the return value is an FT error code.

Remarks about FT_SetDivisor

This function is no longer required as FT_SetBaudRate will now automatically calculate the required
divisor for a requested baud rate. The application note “Setting baud rates for the FT8U232AM” is
available from the Application Notes section of the FTDI website describes how to calculate the divisor for
a non-standard baud rate.

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