Document Title: Software Application Development D2XX Programmer’s Guide
Document Reference No.: FT_000071
Clearance No.: FTDI# 170
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Revision History
Revision History
Version 1.00 Initial release in new format.
Includes all functions in CDM driver 2.04.06 August, 2008
Version 1.01 Includes FT4232H and FT2232H.
Updated addresses January, 2009
Version 1.02 Page 65 – removed FT232R and FT245R
reference from MCU host emulation and
Fast Opto modes January, 2010
Version 1.03 Corrected section 3.32 (FT_Purge) 8th September 2010
Updated Contact details
Version 1.04 Added 245 Synchronous FIFO mode
code in section 5.3 28th October 2010
Version 1.1 Corrected previous editing errors to the document
by re-adding FT4232H and FT2232H extensions 4th November 2010
Version 1.2 Added references to FT232H including EEPROM format.
Numerous formatting fixes.
Expanded definitions in appendix to reflect updates
in CDM 2.08.14 header file. 25
April 2011
Version 1.3 Added sections 4.11 and 4.12 for FT_EEPROM_Read 23 Feb. 12
and FT_EEPROM_Program.
Updated ftd2xx.h attachemnet at the end of the doc.

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